If there is one material that has constantly drawn attention of researchers and commercial establishments from centuries and decades it is CARBON, right from carbon filament of incandescent bulb invented by Edison in 1879 to recent one, the single atomic layer Graphene (2004). It is because of its unique property of hybridization, besides its two most important allotropic forms namely graphite and diamond, carbon can be tailored into different structural forms to acquire desired properties and therefore its applications. We in India have a large number of challenging national programs namely Integrated Missile Program, Aerospace Program, production of Light Combat Aircraft, both Fusion and Fission Nuclear Reactors, Green energy generation and storage etc. wherein customized carbon product forms one of the important components.

It was in this context the foundation of Indian Carbon Society was laid in the year 1979 with ten founder members including Late Prof. B.R. Puri and Late Dr. S.S. Chari, who were pioneers in visualizing the importance of different forms of industrially and strategically important carbon materials. The major objective was to provide a common platform to those institutes who were engaged in development of different carbon products to share their expertise. The Society, further, aims to encourage Industrial sectors also to join the same platform to showcase knowledgebase in the country which may serve and drive Indian carbon industry towards new generation technological advancements.  Although many aspects of carbon science have come of age, newer carbon materials never cease to surprise.  Each decade has found carbon in its new form, like carbon fibres in 1960s, fullerene in 1980s, carbon nanotubes in 1990s, and graphene in 2004. Each new discovery brings with it newer challenges and the opportunities as well at the same time. The society is therefore organizing Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Refresher courses on a regular basis to discuss advancements in carbon science and technology and motivate young scientists and students to pursue carbon research. Backed up by prominent carbon industrial houses the society has instituted several awards namely, B.D. Bangur award, LNJ award, Best Ph.D thesis award in carbon and Best innovation award – steps forward in this direction.

Started with a humble background the ICS has by now organized more than 20 scientific events and its membership has now grown to about 590 active Life members and 14 Life Corporate Members with its Head Quarters at CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. In addition to this the society also has opened two chapters, one in Bengaluru and other in Maharashtra, to promote local talent and initiate various programs under ICS umbrella.